Supermassive thanks

Outer Wilds is your 2015 IGF Excellence in Design and Seumas McNally Grand Prize winner! …Which you almost certainly already know, but we thought it was about time we said so ourselves. Supermassive thanks to everyone who stopped by at IGF to meet us, say hi, or demo the game/die spectacularly in space. (Shoutout to […]

Incoming Transmission

Hello out there! We wanted to take a moment to let you all know what we’ve been up to lately. It’s been a great few months for Outer Wilds. In addition to a lot of tech enhancements, we’ve spent a lot of time finalizing the high-level narrative design and making sure that all of the pieces […]

Mission Status

It’s been a while since we last broke radio silence, so we just wanted to confirm that development on Outer Wilds is still underway! We’re currently working towards a full release of the game, which will feature (among other things) a completely fleshed-out version of the overarching mystery. The alpha release will remain available in […]