“An immensely charming experience” Rock Paper Shotgun, Outer Wilds Will Sate your Inner Adventurer

“In Outer Wilds I found awe” Rock Paper Shotgun, Live Free, Play Hard

“I really love this game and how it opens up to you, teases you, invites you to treasure small moments, and then admire the vast space open for you to explore” Indiestatik, The Space Game I’ve Always Wanted: Outer Wilds

“Quite wonderful, right?…I was surprised by something on every planet I visited – and multiple visits rewarded fresh insights every time.” Plot is Gameplay’s Bitch, Free Indie Game: Outer Wilds

“A wide-eyed stroll through your own sense of curiosity… whatever you do, there’s plenty to capture your imagination in this game, and you’ll play it for hours just to see what you can uncover next.” JayIsGames

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