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It’s been a while since we last broke radio silence, so we just wanted to confirm that development on Outer Wilds is still underway!

We’re currently working towards a full release of the game, which will feature (among other things) a completely fleshed-out version of the overarching mystery. The alpha release will remain available in the meantime, so feel free to check it out (if you haven’t already exhausted its secrets) while we work on the full release.

A big thanks to everyone who’s been playing, writing, talking, and trading crazy theories about the game.Β Stay tuned for future developments, and happy trails!


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  1. Can you give any details on the full release? Will there be more planets? Additional space ships to fly? And is there an estimated time before release?

  2. You guys Should make a kickstarter, i Think that alot of people will be and are interested in this game.
    Also i’m really liking the soundtrack any chance for a download link or something?

  3. Really glad to know that this game is still being worked on, I was starting to get worried. Is it crazy to ask for an expected date for new content?

  4. I love this game even in its alpha stages.. It really got me started in space games awhile back with all the games released and everything on computer it is by far one of my favorite! Beautiful music, Planets, a lot of mystery, everything :D! Even though the game is free, I want purchase it and support the game (TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE!!! XD) ik it doesn’t seem to money orientated but I still want to buy it πŸ˜› Thank you developers for making this game!

  5. I loved how freeform the exploration and storytelling was in the alpha. The humor was spot on as well. I hope you can keep that up while still making the plot mysterious and adventurous.

  6. Great news!! The alpha was definitely one of my favorite recent gaming experiences. Beautiful and strangely horrifying at the same time.

  7. A friend showed me this game quite a while back, I am happy to see that it is still being worked on. I still play the game now because it is fun to see everything that it has to offer.

  8. Dont ever quit this! This game is already awesome but it has so much potential. I would put this in my top five games ever.

  9. Just to tell you this… I’ve just finished the game (explored every planet) and it was the best experience I had in a while.

    Every planet was unique and interesting… I loved messing around with the tornadoes in Giant’s deep, I loved how mystified I was once I got to the Quantum planet and I won’t ever forget Dark Bramble. I’ve played Amnesia, slender and outlast, and yet, Dark Bramble scared me the most.
    I saw something moving, I got scared, and once I decided to go check what was the shiny light, I shat my pants.

    This game is a masterpiece. I’m so happy that the Project is still going.

  10. Is there not a forum or something for this game? Downloaded it but can’t get my look controls to stop moving. No matter what…whether I have my controller, mouse, and/or keyboard unplugged my view shoots straight up and I won’t stop spinning.

    I’ve tried starting the game without the peripherals plugged in and everything…simply doesn’t work for me.

    Any ideas?

  11. I can’t wait for full release. I play a plethora of games but Outer Wilds has a special place in my heart. I will gladly pay just to support you guys. Keep up the good work!

  12. I’m so fucking looking forward for this to be released.
    And i’m sure a lot of people out there feels the same!

    If you have financial problem to end this project, just put up a kickstarter, we’ll be happy to help you get this done!

  13. Hope you guys are still keeping at this project, it’s possibly the best experience of wonder and adventure I’ve ever had in a video game.

  14. I check back every couple of months to see if this game is still in development.

    Honestly you could toss any sense of story and I would still buy it just to explore whatever new planets and nooks and crannies you came up with, just continuing the evolution of the solar system before the sun blows up.

    Great experience, good luck, I’ll be anxious to buy the release version.

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