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  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to play the full game, or even a beta. The alpha experience has already been one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

    Good luck and can’t wait to see some new footage on what you’re working on!

  2. glad to see a somewhat recent update! Last I checked I was afraid nothing was happening with this game.

    The ‘atmosphere’ of this game has stuck with me ever since I played it and I think of it often still. You stumbled onto something really great with this project and I hope more get to enjoy it!

  3. I second all that’s being said. I even stopped playing the alpha just to save for a more full version!

    Also, it’s great to see some activity here, it would be very sad to see this project ceasing development.

  4. I gotta say I came into this game expecting very little, and was surprised when I looked up three hours later having enjoyed every moment. Please continue to work on this project, because frankly, I found it amazing. The game relaxed me, and yet I knew in 20 minutes everything would be over, but this was somehow soothing. This game has captured me fully, and I cannot wait for more. Keep up the good work.

  5. This project is simply amazing, you guys have something truly brilliant here, the atmosphere and content is something fantastic loved every second i put into it so far (which are several to say the least :)) good luck with this project guys i look forward to seeing what more you can bring.

  6. to say, its an amazing game, dont let the low numbers of search results and comments discourage you, there are a lot of fans on youtube, its an amazing game i hope the game will enjoy newly added components for community forums/ full keyboard support/ maybe improved dynamics of gravity, and additinoal content to explore, because i just cant seem to stop

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