Welcome to the Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a space exploration game that invites you to embark on a cosmic expedition into a turbulent world driven by forces beyond your control. Let curiosity be your guide as you fly into the heart of a gas giant, meet fellow travelers on quantum moons, and roast marshmallows beneath alien skies.

The game is a seamless first-person experience that gives you just 20 minutes to freely explore a miniature solar system as it dynamically evolves over time. After those 20 minutes are up, the Sun goes supernova and the entire Universe ends. Fortunately, the Solar System is stuck in a time loop, and only by exploring over the course of multiple playthroughs will you come to understand the forces and secrets that drive the Universe.

5 Responses to Welcome to the Outer Wilds

  1. You’ve returned to life. I’m pleased. I trust the forum will be opened to registration at some point? Glad to find a new version to download now that I’ve found the chance to explore the solar system a little further, though I have no idea what’s different about it.

    Keep it up. This project makes me very happy. Such potential. Such an aptitude for mystery, you have.

  2. I found the idea like magic. The game look very good.
    But.. I’m bit frustrated with my short mac keyboard, i can’t understand how to take off, and i don’t know how to configure this keyboard, ..perhaps the best way was to buy a pc large keyboard ?

    What’s your advice ?

    • Hi Spom,

      Apologies for the troubles you’re having with the keyboard. Have you been using the mouse and keyboard controls? Holding down the shift key will lift off, and the additional flight controls are listed on that page. However, the game is currently designed for use with an xbox controller, so if that is an option for you, we strongly recommend it!

  3. Is it safe to assume this game is still being worked on? I love the game, and check almost daily for updates, but was just wondering if I should be expecting any. Regardless, this game is amazing.

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